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Guava tees in melbourne - Hi Sharma, I have already coverd all my tropical trees .In view that we are having a cold autumn it would be advisable to do so. My guava tree is already losing its leaves, and the Mango tree has been frost bitten. regards Richard..Liked Question 418 days 16hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - The Hawaiin guava is an evergreen tree and if you have protected it it will still have its leaves...Liked Question 418 days 16hrs
Sofia cherimoyas - Hi Does any one know if Sophia is a early min or late maturer as very little is known about this cultivar. How does it compare with Forbbiden fruits variety, White and Fino? I have Sopia and Forbidden fruits and was wondering if i need an early variety to..Liked Answer 618 days 18hrs
Longan1 - Alan says... I bought my Longan tree from Wandillia (don't know if it is the right spelling) nursery in Wattle Grove about 2 years ago. It is the Kohala variety. Ever since I had it, it hasn't grown much due to poor soil and invading ground cover. At a..Liked Question 623 days 16hrs
Longan1 - For some unknown reasons, the Longan Forum (http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/forum/logan-trees/) that has approx 30 post has disappeared .... and when I found it and post in that thread, it would not show up in the current forum page ..... so, I hope I cou..Liked Question 623 days 16hrs
Paw paw - Generally plants that come out of a greenhouse should be given semishade to harden, or just put out in cloudy weather. If planting out straight from the greenhouse just make a shadecloth around them. Plants such as mango and Eugenia jambos that have red n..Liked Question 775 days 17hrs
Paw paw - Very funny Steve and Kert, if you find a seedling, and it has two roots it is female,one root is male. Don't even think of asking me about Bisexual trees. interested in your health my book comes ut next year. Meantime go to Natural Therapies page on web..Liked Answer 775 days 17hrs

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