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Christianabs1's Edible Backyard

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Christianabs1 Forum Contributions
Transplanting mango tree1 - Thanks for your advice. I have read to cut some of the branches back. Do you think this would be a good idea?..96 days 2hrs
Transplanting mango tree1 - Hi mango growers, I need some advice on how I can safely transplant a 2m mango tree. I’m moving house in about a months time and I really want to take my much loved mango tree. I have grafted numerous varieties on it and can’t bear to leave it behind..101 days 4hrs
Mango budwood - Hey Mike, This is the same Christian you sent some scions to a few weeks back. I haven’t had much luck with the scions you sent me this year. The Alphonso scions you gave me are still alive but have not sprouted. The other ones have produced leaves b..125 days 24hrs
Jackfruit budwood - Hello, Does anyone have any jackfruit budwood for sale? Thanks Christian ..267 days 22hrs
Mango scion wood - My email is christianabs@live.com.au Thanks Christian ..497 days 7hrs
Mango scion wood - Hi That would be awesome. Let me know how much and I’ll transfer it. Thanks Christian ..498 days 23hrs
Mango budwood - Hi Sorry to jump in on your forum but I was after some mango scion wood too. I’ve got some R2E2 scion wood that I can trade or I can just purchase off someone. Thanks ..500 days 22hrs
Mango scion wood - Hi mango growers I was wondering if anyone had any mango scion wood for sale or want to trade with me. I’ve got some R2E2 scions. I would like different varieties to graft onto seedings I’ve grown. I’ve done one graft, grafting an R2E2 onto the se..502 days 0hrs

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Mango scion wood - Email is markstewartpainting@outlook.com ..Liked Question 126 days 0hrs

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