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Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022
Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022Gardening AustraliaJuicy MangoAstringent and non-astringent varieties

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Daka Forum Contributions
Dragon fruit20 - You have made my day!!! Have emailed you..2268 days 10hrs
Dragon fruit20 - Hi, I'm just wanting to know if anyone around Brisbane is selling the variety physical Graffiti? I did see on an old post Starling has it but I haven't had any success contacting him. Does anyone else have this variety of dragon fruit?..2269 days 8hrs
Limberlost - Thank you so much..2286 days 11hrs
Limberlost - HI Fruitylicious1, I was given 2x germinated seeds from a lady I have bought a few plants from including red durian and yellow monthong durian. I had asked about what they were but didn't get a reply so that's why I asked. All she said previously that i..2286 days 11hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - I saw one on ebay but the seller is wanting $500 plus postage. Apparently located in Gympy QLD..2286 days 14hrs

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Dragon fruit20 - I can supply cuttings of this variety as well as many others. Email - rannman75 at gmail dot com Instagram for pics - lockyervalleydragonfruit Thanks, Anthony..Liked Answer 2268 days 10hrs
Red dragon fruit pitaya hylocereus - Amanda, I just finished my dragonfruit grove, and had a long conversation with the guy who owns tamborine dragonfruit farm about planting and such. He gave me the following tips: Always plant at least two DIFFERENT varieties on any one trellis. This..Liked Answer 2269 days 8hrs
Wanted frankies red dwarf tyalgum purple pitaya - Hi Tommoz, I do have frankie's for sale, but cannot sell TP yet. All of my cuttings are 45$ each which includes postage.As the person who supplied Daleys with TP, I can tell you that there are exactly three people with TP other than myself, and only t..Liked Answer 2270 days 6hrs
Limberlost - It is a variety of durian named after the nursery...Liked Answer 2286 days 11hrs
Limberlost - Hi Daka It might be a rare variety of canistel (pouteria campechiana) since it is under the main heading of canistel together with the other two p. campechiana varieties; aurea and gray both known egg fruit cv's in RFCA archives fruit tree species list..Liked Answer 2286 days 11hrs
Limberlost - Just google for durian limberlost. or look here https://limberlost.com.au/ Here's a nice video about durian limberlost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-4Dv5dKv6w..Liked Answer 2286 days 11hrs

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