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Chelsea9871's Edible Backyard

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Location: LIDCOMBE

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Chelsea9871 Forum Contributions
Guava leaves turning brown - i think it was fertiliser burn. looking much better now that i water the fertiliser away. thanks for your help =) ..498 days 11hrs
Guava leaves turning brown - my hawaiian guava leaves are gradually turning brown and dropping off. there are some new leaves but they are turning brown too. ..504 days 12hrs
Air pruning pots - does the plant dry out fast in those bags? ..522 days 11hrs

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Lychee tree14 - My Bosworth number 3 lychee in Sydney.Its a real struggle to keep the fruits hanging on the tree over this summer with all the heat...Liked Answer 244 days 7hrs
Lychee tree14 - I will keep this thread alive for anyone interested in growing Lychee in Sydney. I will post once a month with new photos. Hopefully it can provide other growers on here with a bit of inspiration and tips. So I built it a shelter mostly for the wind. S..Liked Answer 244 days 7hrs
Guava leaves turning brown - HI Chelsea Might be a salinity issue either from the water or from chemical fertiliser especially if you don't water them copiously after feeding them with chemicals. Salts tend to build up if plants are not watered adequately. Waterlogging can also be..Liked Answer 498 days 11hrs

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