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Almond tree disease - Many thanks, David01, for your advice. I'll report back on how I go against the red spider mite...161 days 9hrs
Almond tree disease - Hello. Hoping someone could help identify the disease (and remedy) for this problem with my almond tree (see image). Many thanks, Andy K..162 days 13hrs
Citrus beetle id - Many thanks, sternus1. These three helpful little guys have earned a reprieve and can go back onto the citrus tree to continue eating pests...1761 days 4hrs
Citrus beetle id - Hello. Can anyone help me identify these orange-coloured bugs on my orange trees. They are same shape and size as a lady-beetle but orange in colour all over - no spots etc. Thanks..1761 days 4hrs

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Almond tree disease - Hi Bugsie, It looks like Red Spider Mite. There are many ways to cure this problem. See the attached link for more info. Cheers http://greenharvest.com.au/PestControlOrganic/Information/SpiderMiteControl.html..Liked Answer 161 days 10hrs

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