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Tedy Philip's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Tedy Philip Forum Contributions
Avocado in pots - Hi Cool Thanks for the advice, Yes space is my problem. I only have 2.5 meters on the side of my house and I understand that it’s not good to plant avocado tree too close to the house as avocado has aggressive root system. Please give your ideas on thi..208 days 16hrs
Avocado planting close to the house - Hi, My side yard is 3 meters wide. Is it okay to plant avocado tree there. I read that the roots of avocado is aggressive and could damage the house. I have concrete base. Please advise ..237 days 6hrs
Avocado in pots - Hi, please advise if Hass or Wurtz best for growing in a pot in Brisbane area. Thanks ..237 days 6hrs
Banana tree for qld - Thanks Edward, I will do that. Tedy..244 days 14hrs
Banana tree for qld - Hi there I wanted to buy banana tree from Daley’s and couldn’t do because of quarantine restrictions for Qld. I found another nursery selling them saying there is no quarantine restrictions. To confirm I contacted Quarantine Australia and they confi..249 days 5hrs

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