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NyG1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 17/02/19 Updated: // Frost:
Location: EAST FREMANTLE,6158,WA

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NyG1 Forum Contributions
Perth manures neutral ph - Thanks Bangkokii I had heard about peat and considered going down that path but figured it might be a bit more costly. The pinebark fines sounds interesting. I have only ever noticed the chunky stuff sold here as mulch. I will try and locate some as both..121 days 3hrs
Perth manures neutral ph - jakfruit etiquette says... Hi, did you check the analysis of the manure, I assume processed animal manure? If not the same will apply to manufactured fertilizer. I'm thinking that added Ca and Mg,ie lime and dolomite would be the main thing pushing u..121 days 3hrs
Perth manures neutral ph - I am trying to find a bagged manure in Perth metro with a reasonably neutral PH to assist with correcting the high PH soil I have in my garden. Everything, so far, that I have brought and tested is up around 8.0 I am treating an area with a combination ..123 days 11hrs

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