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Chris2122's Edible Backyard

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Location: EASTWOOD

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Chris2122 Forum Contributions
Fig leaf beetle issue2 - I seem to have a lot of fig tree beetle larvae that are eating through all the leaves that it is causing only a skeleton left.pictures included. How do I get rid of them? I also have seen white leafhoppers on the tree as well that seem to make the young..135 days 18hrs
Fig leaf curl12 - Thank you for your suggestions but none seem to work. I have tried the following over the last 3 years with no success: - NEAM oil - eco pistol oil - pyrethrum spray I even cut back the tree to a point where it was just the stump. The leaves have ..613 days 1hrs
Fig tree leaf curl after using pyrethrum - Hi all, I had an issue with white leafhoppers on my brown fig tree. Went to my local Bunnings and was told to use pyrethrum spray to get rid of them. I used the Yates brand concentrate and mixed it with the suggested 20ml to every 1 litre of water. The..984 days 18hrs
Fig leaf curl12 - Thank you. I have bought some neem oil from Bunnings and let’s see how we go. It seems I need to spray it a couple of time as I have done once and still have the critters around. I will need to make sure the undersides are also sprayed and continue to..1266 days 23hrs
Fig leaf curl12 - I seem to have my fig tree leaves curling upwards. It seems to be the younger leaves. I did take a closer look and found leaf hoppers, small white insects that fly around when I shake a branch. Any idea how I could get rid of these pests? I have attached..1292 days 20hrs

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