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Joe.Ventra's Edible Backyard

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Joe.Ventra Forum Contributions
Cherimoya9 - Hi all, has anyone heard of the 'campa' variety of Cherimoya? Perry's in SA sell it. I've seen varieties called campas or campus and wondering if this is the same? The campas is grown in Spain commercially and can be self fertile I bel..1754 days 8hrs
Garcinias for sale - Thanks Mike for your response. I got the humilus from daleys and apparently the laterifolia I bought has a similar fruit to an achacha, guess only time will tell. I've been told to try and sought out Russels sweet garcinia, whether seed or seedlings. ..1891 days 6hrs
Garcinias for sale - Hi everyone, So my search to have a garcinia collection is slowly coming around. I've acquired the following: - lucs garcinia - garcinia humilus - garcinia intermedia - madrono ( apparently the rough yellow ones) - garcinia laterifolia( won at an a..1893 days 21hrs
Lucs garcinia availability - was thinking the same. I have a garcinia intermedia and wondering if they would help each other out..1902 days 4hrs
Lucs garcinia availability - I finally got my hands on one. I was searching through ebay and a guy was selling one small one for $30. it's about 30 cm high and looks healthy. the tag on it is from Daleys, so must've been an earlier purchase from here. Fingers crossed one is enoug..1902 days 4hrs

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Probably the best durio for sale on - I wouldn't eat any durian even I was payed 150$ to do so...Liked Question 922 days 21hrs
Help with plant spacing and position - Waterfall your trees will thank you for your hard work in preparing a good home for them :) Since you have lifted all those pavers why not use them to build up the bed?..Liked Answer 1052 days 0hrs

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