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Kerry's Edible Backyard

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Location: COOGEE

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Seville orange - Yes. I have two sorts of seville, one is apparently the real one (the other a hybrid) and it has a wide flat petiole...1643 days 16hrs
Seville orange - The leaves don't look like the Seville leaves I have seen - with a wide petiole before the actual leaf...1645 days 20hrs
Seville orange - That is useful information. Thanks Allybanana. ..1835 days 1hrs
Seville orange - I think of mine as female too. ..1912 days 19hrs
Pawpaw plantinggrowing - I would like to know too because my papaya tree is growing too tall to harvest the fruit. ..1914 days 23hrs

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Seville orange - Hi everyone I live in Adelaide and have a dozen or so rough skin seville seedlings, my tree is 6 yrs old and fruited last season, I live in suburban Adelaide, here are some pics. ..Liked Answer 675 days 23hrs

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