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What trees are these are they dying - Thank you for the response, so it appears to be overwatered? I have been here 5 weeks and watered it using a drip retic for 30mins twice a week. We now have a water ban in effect so have not used the retic for a few weeks but it has rained alot the last f..157 days 10hrs
What trees are these are they dying - Hello. I have just moved to australia, living in WA and I'm renting my first property here. There are some trees in the front garden and I have no idea what they are or how to care for them. The tenancy says mango tree, but neighbours have said they ..158 days 11hrs

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What trees are these are they dying - Peach trees are deciduous Bluetooth - so it is normal for it to be dropping it's leaves from now on. The plants do look a little hungry though and might benefit from a small feed now. You do have a pH problem also and this is pretty normal where you..Liked Answer 145 days 10hrs

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