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Bartacomus's Edible Backyard

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Bartacomus Forum Contributions
Lembacurculigo latifolia - Where do you get your Lembah.. and Katemfe? My lemba got twice the size of my picture.. then something ate it.. and i dont know if its going to come back. :( ive included a picture of the Katemfe African miracle plant, and the curculigo latifolia.. a..1794 days 12hrs
Lembacurculigo latifolia - Is this Lembah? i have to be honest, and say the first picture looks completely different than the following 3 pictures. the 3 pictures looks like my betel palm. id like to know if i got some look alike, or if im actually growing lemba? since i ..1840 days 15hrs
Lembacurculigo latifolia - Hey guys.. Ive recently tried to find all the Sweetness Enhancers. I have Miracle Berry growing well. But i have yet to get Thaumatoccus danielli (Katemfe/African Sweet Prayer) or Curculigo Latifolia (Lemba/Miracleplant) So Far there are only 2 easil..1882 days 23hrs

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