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Marmot1's Edible Backyard

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Location: CASULA

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Marmot1 Forum Contributions
Avocado scion1 - Hi David01, I guess they are due to weak scionwoods/bacteria/knife with alcohol remains, I always use plastic zipper bags to keep moisture, I didnot use new bags but the old ones, some of them might have some history of dead scionwoods. Too sad about..28 days 4hrs
Avocado scion1 - I tried some grafting, and found out, even the wounds healed, the scionwoods still died... More like some bacteria..30 days 5hrs
Avocado grafting1 - Hey, guys, the grafting season is just on. Last week I grafted two, I could see healing tissue covered the cut of budwood and rootstock. Is there avo budwood nearby? I'd like to take some, in exchange, I'd like to help graft some for you...53 days 17hrs
Avocado55 - I only know that those "hybrid" have only one type: either A or B. Not between. Self-fetile is off-topic. Wait until you can tell whether "hybrid" is A or B. ..77 days 5hrs
Grafting mango and avacdo - Don't do graft now, 100% dead. I grafted 6, all failed. It's too hot, unless you can do approach grafting..92 days 3hrs

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In search of avocado rootstock - Velvick is supposed to be more salt tolerant and Duke 7 more wet feet and possibly Phytophera tolerant ..Liked Answer 225 days 19hrs

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