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Does anyone have neola avocado scions - @jakfruit etiquette I know it was selected yet, from comments under Noela, it's between hass and shepard.... and due to its size, the yield is usually lower than other medium/small fruits types--check choquette, avozilla... Anyway, I placed an o..43 days 5hrs
Does anyone have neola avocado scions - I almost give up and started to think it's not worthwhile to give it a go, seems it's nothing close to being tasty or fruitful...45 days 7hrs
Does anyone have neola avocado scions - I'm looking for this type, and hope to graft several trees, thanks...54 days 9hrs
Looking for palmer mango scions - I bought one from Daleys', but during the recent pouring rain, it died. Can anyone in Sydney provide some scions? or cuttings, I can help with grafting avocado trees or citrus trees. ..109 days 6hrs
Why is my avacado tree dropping its - Congrats, "murican", it's flowering...117 days 4hrs

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In search of avocado rootstock - Velvick is supposed to be more salt tolerant and Duke 7 more wet feet and possibly Phytophera tolerant ..Liked Answer 1032 days 1hrs

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