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Marmot1's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Marmot1 Forum Contributions
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - No need to take risks to grow incompatible plants in your area--One chill winter would destroy all...6 days 20hrs
Supply seedless litchi trees - Myrica rubra bayberries are delicious, my parents' farm has several big trees (grafted). I saw some poor quality bayberries in hurstville, NSW -------------------------------------- I noticed some organizations have a monopoly of some trees, say,..15 days 18hrs
Spots on avocado leaves - Try fungicide..21 days 20hrs
Double grafting avocado - I grafted A & B on one rootstock, bacon is earlier than hass, the overlap part flowering seasons of two might be too narrow. For some types, they flower in the first year since you grafted them. The biggest problem is they are unbalanced. For examp..27 days 20hrs
Avocado type b - Some people asked me for dwarf B types, I told them they just need to prune, yet, they didn't buy my words.Edranol might be a good choice, I grafted one, it's about to flower, smaller than the one I posted here. ..39 days 20hrs

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In search of avocado rootstock - Velvick is supposed to be more salt tolerant and Duke 7 more wet feet and possibly Phytophera tolerant ..Liked Answer 664 days 11hrs

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