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Marmot1 Forum Contributions
Avocado interesting shape russell variety florida usa - @Avo L134 Did you get branches from the tree near a BBQ? I suspect it's the one, as the leaves are thinner than other types, smelling like Bacon's if you tear leaves. ..25 days 23hrs
Avocado interesting shape russell variety florida usa - I came to check that avocado tree in the campsite, there's no fruits in that tree, not a single one. Very disappointing. Considering the season, it's about to get ripe or already ripe.Either picked all by visitors or it's biennial, or wors..28 days 2hrs
Donut peach - I suggest you eat up that bunch of jelly (I'm not kidding you, it's edible), then apply lime to the trunk...31 days 4hrs
Gum tree roots and septic - Most likely, if you cut those gum trees by half, the large fine from the council might help you build several septic systems. Apply first, I doubt they allow you to do that...31 days 4hrs
Bintangcheng - @QRcode It is usually good for eating, but it can add some sweetness and freshness to valencia's juice. Original words: "would be as a blend into late season Valencia juice to impart sweetness and fresh juice characteristics."..35 days 3hrs

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In search of avocado rootstock - Velvick is supposed to be more salt tolerant and Duke 7 more wet feet and possibly Phytophera tolerant ..Liked Answer 557 days 18hrs

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