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BobDal's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/06/20 Updated: 05/09/23 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

BobDal Forum Contributions
Pruning feijoa in very early spring - A response is appreciated. ..288 days 14hrs
Pruning feijoa in very early spring - Hi. I have transplanted my Feijoa tree from its pot to the ground. I was wondering if I prune it now, do I get fruit in next autumn. So in other words, does Feijoa fruit on current spring/season growth? Thanks..296 days 16hrs
Citrus on swingle rootstock - Also, how old are your lime and orange trees? Thanks..445 days 18hrs
Citrus on swingle rootstock - Thanks for your comment. I have a Valencia orange and Meyer lemon on Trifoliata rootstock . Trifoliata is highly recommended for Melbourne but my problem is that my lemon and orange trees grow very slowly. I was thinking to try other rootstocks for new li..447 days 1hrs
Citrus on swingle rootstock - Hi. Does any one have any experience or knowledge about Lime/ Orange trees or citrus trees in general on Swingle rootstock in Melbourne? Top soil is around 20cm and below that is clay. I will create a mound for better drainage. Thanks in advance. ..452 days 22hrs

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