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PAVEL's Edible Backyard

Joined: 29/09/20 Updated: 24/02/21 Frost:
Location: BEROWRA

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PAVEL Forum Contributions
Guava tees in melbourne - Thanks for the advice based on your experience!..364 days 4hrs
Guava seedling years to fruit - This is great advice! Thank you for the kind advice. I wanted to set realistic expectations...364 days 4hrs
Mulberry fertiliser burn - I would give it a deep water every day for a few days to wash it out. Double check though, just my initial thoughts. Next time stick to Seasol and organic fertilisers and conditioners...372 days 23hrs
Mango fruiting1 - I have heard that mangoes like a slightly acidic environment - perhaps research this to see if true! Best of luck. Is yours in a greenhouse where it can stay warm and humid?..377 days 0hrs
Guava seedling years to fruit - Hi all! A question for the veteran guava growers here. I am considering whether to buy a guava seedling (versus a cutting). Does anyone have a guava grown from seedling and knows how long it took to reach fruit bearing age? I am worried because my r..379 days 14hrs

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Trial and error with blueberry burst - I tried to follow exactly according to the instructions they gave me that came with the plant. Grew them in the biggest pot I could find at Bunnings. 50cm Plastic whisky barrel pots. Used the 50% azelea mix and 50% pineback. Mixed in with fertilizer slow ..Liked Answer 105 days 12hrs
Trial and error with blueberry burst - HI STARLING - BLUEBERRY BURST Cultivar I've just seen a gardening episode of Get Dirty With Milton dated 24 April 2015 in which he discusses the Blueberry Burst plant (it was his plant of the week). This TV gardening show is shown on Channel 44 Perth, ..Liked Answer 105 days 12hrs

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