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Cliffy's Edible Backyard

Joined: 07/10/20 Updated: 10/12/20 Frost:

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Cliffy Forum Contributions
In search of avocado rootstock - Hi Marmot1, I’m new in growing Reed seedlings and how long does it take to germinate and can I use it as rootstock within a year ? I also have some questions about scionwood that you mentioned, do you mind to contact me via yucliff@gmail.com ? ..157 days 20hrs
Is my avocado plant sick - I have a lamb hass about 4 years old, looks healthy from leaves though didn’t produce much in the past few years. I noticed a layers of dark/black stufff on the stem (pic3/4) and when I scratch it, the green skin color appeared under the surface(pic 2)..221 days 18hrs

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