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Tangelo has changed back to mandarin - We are positive that it is a Tangelo, not a Minneola, but likely to be Seminole. Until we bought it, we had never heard of a Tangelo, so it is not a name that we would have mistakenly called it. We have been calling it "the Tangelo tree" for ..204 days 23hrs
Tangelo has changed back to mandarin - Hello Jakfruit, At the moment, not a lot of my "tangelo > mandarin" fruit is fully ripe, but when it is, it peels easily by your thumb like a mandarin and can be broken into wedges. Our before" tangelos could never do that. I mentione..209 days 2hrs
Tangelo has changed back to mandarin - Yes, it is actually multi-cropping. It always used to bud-burst early spring, but now it can crop new buds after good rain in warm weather. So it is possible to have green fruit, half ripe fruit and fruit almost ready to eat at the same time. Overall,..216 days 5hrs
Tangelo has changed back to mandarin - Hi, yes I think it is most likely a Seminole. That name rings a bell from 30 years ago, but it also could be that a Piper Seminole is a type of aeroplane that I was looking at buying back around that time. It is less likely to be an Orlando, and defini..217 days 23hrs
Tangelo has changed back to mandarin - Hello jakfruit, thanks for your reply. There is a bit of growth from lowdown, but there is no fruit that appears to be coming from any branches down there. The tree trunk is shown in the first photo. Over the years, any branches from down near the grou..220 days 22hrs

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Tangelo has changed back to mandarin - Assuming its a Tangelo, Citrange or Trifoliata would probably be suitable. Trifoliata is good for heavier clay soils, Citrange for lighter soils. Dwarf rootstock Flying Dragon is a Trifoliata, so that would be ok. Trifoliata itself is semi dwarfing...Liked Answer 204 days 24hrs
Tangelo has changed back to mandarin - The most common cause of this is that the rootstock has taken over. Cleopatra mandarin, which is a small flat mandarin, pithy and a bit tart, is a common rootstock type. Trees much older than 30 years could be on Emperor mandarin or sweet orange rootsto..Liked Answer 220 days 2hrs

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