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Plants's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Plants Forum Contributions
Peach and nectarine tree top disease - I meant I want to treat them now in late summer autumn while the sap is still running cute the tip disease before the next flowering in spring..474 days 15hrs
Peach and nectarine tree top disease - I bought and planted 3 fruit trees 2 nectarine and one peach almost 2 years ago. Entire time that they have been in leaf they have seemed to have had a disease at the tip where the fresh growth is. It sometimes has a jelly clear sap clear to amber like su..474 days 16hrs
Papaya male broad leaf - Over a year ago I bought a broadleaf papaya that was supposedly self-pollinating but it has turned out to produce male only flowers. I've given it two seasons to see if there would be any female flowers. Strangely at the end of this summer it has pro..474 days 16hrs

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