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Steely's Edible Backyard

Joined: 15/02/22 Updated: 23/12/23 Frost:
Location: Humpty Doo

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Ne mango varieties - Hi, Thanks for your reply. Do you have many mango varieties. ..104 days 7hrs
Ne mango varieties - Hi, Just after some information. Three of the newer mango varieties, Scarlet Delight, Hula, and Lady Jane, has anybody tried them? What did you think? compared to a good KP and were they polyembryonic. Just in case they were worth planting :) I know that ..117 days 7hrs
Mango scion wood or unusual rare mangoes - Hi Ben jamin is it possible to buy/trade mango varieties with you?..327 days 11hrs
Honey gold mango - Honey Gold from seed not quite two years old. Much more vigorous than I expected. faster and more dense than most of the KP' seedlings I planted. Chose the best tasting Honey Gold Mango and most vigorous of the seedling. As stated above Honey Gold ar..339 days 12hrs
Swap and sell mango varieties - Hi, I am collecting mango varieties that have good reputations for taste but may not be good production mangoes. I have only just started and my mangoes are from 2 years old down to just being planted. I would like to get in contact with like minded enthu..339 days 14hrs

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Ne mango varieties - Hi, regarding Lady Jane, ambiguous result. Purchased two from woolworths to try, planted both seeds. One had a single the other produced multiple. ..Liked Answer 104 days 7hrs
Honey gold mango - The fastest and most vigorous shoots are the clones. There's no need to overthink it...Liked Answer 339 days 13hrs
Mango scion wood - Postage ends up being $12 dollars and a few bucks if you want them buddy taped. Just postage if you want them in a ziplock bag. My os trees are just starting to flush so can take wood after it hardens up. What’s your # or email. Mike did you get any flo..Liked Answer 484 days 10hrs
Mango scion wood - Hi echinopora I will take orange sherbet mango and how much is post and tape..Liked Answer 484 days 10hrs
Australian national mango genebank - Thats interesting, can you post a link to the original list ? Is that in Ayr Qld ??..Liked Question 810 days 22hrs
Australian national mango genebank - I have seen the list of Mangoes at the Ayre genebank available from the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Qld Inc. Obviously lots of the mangoes are spelt wrong. Cultivars like Dray I am thinking is Gary and Chowsa is Chaunsa etc. Does anyone have the list with ..Liked Question 810 days 22hrs
Mango scion wood or unusual rare mangoes - Steve I got them from Tropical Planet Nursery they also have tons of Indian mangoes and rare hard to find mango varieties. ..Liked Answer 815 days 10hrs
Mango scion wood or unusual rare mangoes - I contacted Ross Creek Tropicals in QLD where I finally found a Zill mango listed and was informed that they will have Lemon Zest in stock in either February or March...Liked Answer 815 days 10hrs
Mango scion wood - Hi mango growers I was wondering if anyone had any mango scion wood for sale or want to trade with me. I’ve got some R2E2 scions. I would like different varieties to graft onto seedings I’ve grown. I’ve done one graft, grafting an R2E2 onto the se..Liked Question 817 days 5hrs
Mango scion wood - Hi Mango Mike and echinopora...im interested in getting OS, LZ, and ST budwood...i see you guys had success with fruiting this year...did the fruit come up true to type for these varieties? From what i've read on other forums these varieties are top ..Liked Question 817 days 5hrs

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