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HUTTO's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/03/22 Updated: 21/03/22 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

HUTTO Forum Contributions
Gac fruit anyone - Hi I am growing 12 seedlings and two female cuttings ok - Collombatti Rail - about 20 km inland from South West Rocks, Mid North Coast, NSW. I will work out which vines are male and female and reduce the # of males. My seedlings survived our winter - the ..543 days 14hrs
Asimina1 - Don, Did your plants keep growing in your part of the MNC? ..776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - I found I had to buy Asimina triloba seeds on ebay from Heddy Sue, I germinated seeds 2 years ago, onsold some plaqnts and the runts of the litter I retained - they are now over 50cm tall. I am about to germinate another 20 seeds - my earlier plants a..776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - My seedlings are two years old and they are over 50cm tall Mid North Coast, NSW ..776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - Interesting - it is very hard to find named varieties other than from Yamina Rare Plants - varieties like Pennsylvania Gold $150 for a plant. ..776 days 3hrs

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Asimina1 - Hi Tommoz Since Yamina have the best cultivars such as Pennsylvania Gold I would have suggested them as the first place to try. They haven't had any stock for the past couple of years but I know they are still growing them and will make them available..Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - Hi Tommoz, I ordered some seeds from HeddySue as mentioned in this thread "asimina tribola/American pawpaw/ temperate custard apple". I planted 5 seeds and four came up. The other pot was dug up by something before it had a chance to germinate. I rec..Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - Is there any place in NSW that have asimina triloba? Tried Spires Nursery, Canleyvale and Bonnyrigg. ..Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - Thanks for reply Linton - your not far from me in Mount Waverley too - If your grafted one ever needs a prune let me know as have 6 White Sapote types to swap scions in the future - still like to see a photo with an object next to plant to get an idea o..Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - Hi Mark It will probably take about 7 years for your seedling pants to produce fruit but it should be worth the wait as they are great fruit trees. I have 2 seed grown trees about 6 years old that started flowering this year but didn't produce frui..Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - Hi Linton - Nice going - I have 7 Asimina seedlings from seed planted in March that are 5inches high so would be interesting to see your plants with a bottle of seasol next to them - will stem be strong enough to support fruit? ..Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - One of the small grafted Asimina trees has produced 2 fruits - see in pictures. The tree is only about 10 inches high so I find it quite remarkable, whereas the larger seed grown trees have not produced yet...Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs
Asimina1 - I can’t tell you what varieties they are because the local nurseries just give them names they make up so it doesn’t indicate their parentage. Even the grafted trees I bought were not sold as named varieties are although the nursery did tell me the so..Liked Answer 776 days 3hrs

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