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Velella's Edible Backyard

Joined: 23/04/23 Updated: 30/05/24 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Velella Forum Contributions
Is anyone getting cherimoya or custard apple - Cold ought not be a problem for cherimoyas They grow well in Bolivia mountains “ they like to see the snow but not feel it”. Local saying ..4hrs33mins
Is anyone getting cherimoya or custard apple - No fruit. Heavy rain at flowering is the cause Maybe..20 days 16hrs
Dwarf red dacca banana6 - Sadly , my experience is all bad. Profuse growth , huge leaves. ……no fruit. Tried to pull them out after 10 years but suckers pop up Checking recipes for suckers..20 days 16hrs
Summer grafting - Yes, it is an alternative but I had two takes in 18 attempts. . That’s lower than I get with more conventional grafting. ..87 days 1hrs
Bandicoots and stripped leaves - Hmm, bandicoots are equipped to climb , are omnivores, eat fruit I wonder if they are responsible. Leaf cutter bees do a neat excision of the leaf, very recognisable. My leaves are jewel and frayed. Thanks for your thoughts ..142 days 6hrs

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