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Auscrash's Edible Backyard

Joined: 12/09/23 Updated: 14/04/24 Frost:
Location: Thorpdale

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Auscrash Forum Contributions
Sick lemon tree6 - Ah yes after googling lichen, I reckon that's what it is - thankyou! reading some articles on Lichen - or really the lack of growth supporting Lichen forming... The first two things they suggest is lack of fertliser, which I strongly suspect is th..270 days 18hrs
Sick lemon tree6 - We have moved into a regional property with a sick looking lemon tree. Obviously it needs some love but can anyone identify what that greenish weird looking things are on the branches? I'm guessing I should give it a fairly aggressive prune and then ..276 days 23hrs

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Sick lemon tree6 - Lichen?..Liked Answer 270 days 18hrs

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