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Deena's Edible Backyard

Joined: 15/09/23 Updated: 15/09/23 Frost:
Location: ROSEWOOD

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Deena Forum Contributions
Seville orange - Hi Julie, my first seed was just a tiny green nub on Christmas afternoon (12 days from planting). It is now about 3 cm high and the first 2 leaves have unfurled. No others have germinated yet but only 17 days since planting. Thank you so much...2358 days 12hrs
Seville orange - Hi Azar, Julie has emailed this morning to say she has managed to get into her garden and will send me some seed; so I won't need yours after all. Perhaps Black Thumbed (above) would appreciate them. Thanks again for the offer though...2379 days 16hrs
Seville orange - Thanks Azar. Julie has also offered me some seed, but she is unable to get into her garden at present. If you can spare a couple as a backup I would very much appreciate it. My email address is rowedeena at yahoo dot com dot au. If you contact me on that ..2381 days 9hrs
Seville orange - I would very much like to try growing a Seville orange if either Azar or Julie will add my name to their list of people waiting for seed. Realize I am too late for this year but will keep checking the forum for the 2018 seed bank. thank you in advance...2383 days 7hrs

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