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PlumRob's Edible Backyard

Joined: 08/01/24 Updated: 25/04/24 Frost:
Location: GLENORIE

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

PlumRob Forum Contributions
Dwarf red dacca banana6 - Okay. If I were you, I would cut the main stem down, careful not to damage the suckers. These suckers will give you fruit likely within a year, if not, then within two years. And in case you are wondering, you should keep the three suckers as they are,..49 days 15hrs
Ne mango varieties - Hello, Just a question for ivepeters: How do you get such healthy mango seedlings? I'm looking to raise some and would just like some tips. Yours look very healthy, that's all. Cheers, PlumRob..57 days 4hrs
Mulberry tree not fruiting - Cheers. Enjoy some fresh berries when the season comes!..57 days 15hrs
Dwarf red dacca banana6 - Ooh. This is an interesting case. I have personally never seen this before. As for my answer: Does the banana tree have any suckers? If it does, and they are looking really good, then you should be okay to cut the main trunk down. About a foot from the..57 days 15hrs
Pruning neglected dwarf granny smith leprechaun - Hello, I'd be glad to give you some advice, but I would need some information on the tree first. 1: How old is the tree? 2: Has it fruited yet? 3: Does it have any major wounds? 4: Some photos that give me a good look at what needs to be done. ..57 days 15hrs

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