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GreenHornet's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/04/10 Updated: 09/04/10 Frost: None
Location: Tewantin, QLD, AU

About My Edible Backyard

Why GreenHornet Love's Edible Plants

Bought house 2 yrs ago, Battling with smal footprint and have removed over 5 tonnes of concrete and created mound gardens in a heavy red clay soil. Laid extra drainage absorption trenches etc

Trying out compact fruit trees and perennials where the shade from my dear northern neighbour impacts allows.

Planted : Cherry Guavas and Lillypilly (Hedges)

Containers: Dwarf citrus

Display:  mounded garden in fornt : diverse aspect Southerly shadey in winter scorched in eayl summer:

removed bird nests to the westrly sect. nad replaced with Bromiliads ..for time being until I find attracive and productive replacements

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