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Treegirl's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/06/10 Updated: 01/06/10 Frost:
Location: Mirboo North

About My Edible Backyard

Why Treegirl Love's Edible Plants

I grew up in South Gippsland. Love country living and gardening. I grew a very productive veggie patch this last season. Corn, eggplants, 4 x different Capsicum colours, Zucchini, 7 diffferent Tomatoes, Parsley, Potatoes, Carrots, green & yellow butter beans, & 21 Butternut Pumpkins. Even grew a decent sized Watermelon in South Gippsland and yes it was pink and yes it was sweet and juicy! We have a predominantly clay soil, but I have been working 6 years to improve this soil in this veggie patch. Lots of poo, pea straw, organic compost and fertilizer and Manutec trace elements.Usually 800ml to 900ml annual rainfall and I'm not joking. The Orchard did very well this year with all fruit tree's bearing well. This year we embarked on a preserving adventure. Fantastic!! Beans were blanched & frozen, butternuts clipped with vine attached and stored. Fruit was bottled and stewed. We also purchased an Excalibur food dehydrator which is awesome! Who needs lollies? We made our own natural ones.

My edible that I enjoyed this year was Mizuna which is Japanese Rocket. It is a lot milder than European rocket.

Growing 2 x Hass avocados.Warm and sheltered position


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Treegirl Forum Contributions
Dwarf apple1 - Thanks Diana. Will follow your instructions. Ann..5080 days 20hrs
Dwarf apple1 - Thanks Diana. Will follow your instructions. Ann..5080 days 20hrs
Dwarf apple1 - Need Pruning tips for my 3 year old Dwarf apple, please. Can anyone provide me with such. Much appreciated. Ann...5090 days 24hrs
Windbreak fence probem - Hi Amanda, I'm concerned that you have employed contractors to do this fence (I note they havent built a fence like it before) and would have paid good money. I would try a kind, firm & earnest plea for assistance back with the guys who built it for yo..5090 days 24hrs

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