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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Rowan's Edible Backyard

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Rowan Forum Contributions
Naranjillas in melbourne winter - I haven't been able to pull them through our winters either - SW Vic...2153 days 12hrs
What plantfruit is this - Many backyards around here have the red ones but they are way to resinous for me and the seeds are too hard but my young yellow cherry guava is only 3 feet high but it bears all year round and the fruits are much bigger and sweeter. I won't touch a red o..2171 days 6hrs
Yacon - Sorry, forgot to consider places without frost. ..2211 days 13hrs
Yacon - My goodness, I grow lots of yacon for the local markets and there is so much wrong information on this thread. Yacon should be harvested when it dies down after frost and has to be stored for a week or more, preferably in the open air before it sweetens ..2211 days 14hrs
Transplanting older citrus trees - Joe, lemons are easy to grow from cuttings but you cannot get a larger branch to grow like that. It might be better to buy a whole new tree...2232 days 15hrs
Postcard from daff - I'm feeeling unloved, I didn't get a card :(..2254 days 15hrs
White sapote dade and kampong - Sounds great - How much? do you want to post? or I can pick them up. I have to go down to visit friends in Heywood anyway...2266 days 0hrs
White sapote dade and kampong - I would love to have a few more fresh seeds when you have some available, thanks...2266 days 15hrs
White sapote dade and kampong - Mine are only a bit over two years old but have been in pots I would consider them only yearlings. I have only just found a permanent place to plant them out so I am hoping they make good growth when the weather warms up in spring. I just hope they get ..2267 days 2hrs
White sapote dade and kampong - Jason, could you email me rowan.99 @ gmail.com I would love to come and see your white sapote trees. My seedling are still a couple of years off fruiting...2268 days 2hrs
Passoin fruit not sweet - Just in case - are you sure that the rootstock hasn't overtaken the graft? My sister was complaining of the dry and horrible fruit on hers and when I went to check it I had to tell her the bad news. She has now taken it out and replaced it with a non-g..2270 days 11hrs
Need help identifying plant1 - Always heard all Syzygiums referred to as Lilly Pilly. I have never heard them called bush cherry...2288 days 3hrs
Cucamelon - I grew this for the first time this year. VERY slow to get going and couldn't cope with the heat but I have one plant (in a bit of shade) that is going great guns. Fruiting well and everybody likes them. I am going to plant a lot next year and pickle th..2297 days 5hrs
Loquats - Thanks, everything fried here also. My email is rowan.99 @ gmail.com (without the spaces of course) Please email me so I can get in touch later...2298 days 11hrs
Loquats - Hey Jason, I live in Casterton. Any chance I could come down and see what you are growing one day?..2299 days 5hrs

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