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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Joined: 25/01/11 Updated: 17/10/20 Frost:
Location: LISMORE

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Wintershade Forum Contributions
Fruit on young avocado - i have 2 year old grafted avocados - hass and shepard. they are only 2 years old, but they have baby fruits. i suspect they are too young to bear. is that so? what should i do. the Hass in particular has a lot of little fruit help please..662 days 11hrs
When to feed and prune a mango - thanks very much Mango Mike. great instructions..1754 days 11hrs
Pruning mango tree - Thanks very much for your answer Waterfall. I really appreciate it...1755 days 8hrs
When to feed and prune a mango - thanks for your info Margaret. couple of queries. do you just cut off ALL the centre branches? do you need to cut on a slant or cover the cut or anything? does it matter what season you cut or if its rainy season (i live on far north coast - it can..1756 days 10hrs
Pruning mango tree - dear waterfall, query. thanks for your post (last year). are you cutting off the whole top of the mango tree and leaving only the main stem?? thanks..1756 days 10hrs

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Pruning mango tree - Hi wintershade, Yes once the tree is established in the ground or even if it is still growing in a pot you can cut the whole top of as described in my old post. In its next growth flush it will start to grow 3 - 4 branches under where you made the cut..Liked Answer 1755 days 8hrs

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