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TimMossVale1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 07/03/12 Updated: 07/03/12 Frost: High
Location: NSW, Australia

About My Edible Backyard

Why TimMossVale1 Love's Edible Plants

I enjoy the satisfaction of working with nature to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to eat in the knowledge that they have not been blasted with chemicals. I like to experiment methods of growing. The joy of the harvest. The satisfaction and the taste and texture reminds me of my childhood in the garden with my father.

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

TimMossVale1 Forum Contributions
Potatoes1 - Has anybody had a fruit similar to a cherry tomato growning on their potato plants? This happens once the plant has flowered and seems to be on several varieties. I am waiting for them to ripen but don't hold much hope now as autumn is upon us. I suspect..2529 days 23hrs
Pomello tree - It's early days for me. I had to look for a plant that would survive frost and a cold climate. My other citrus cope with the hessian wrap and under a covered pergola in the winter. Just hope the pomello does the same...2536 days 23hrs
Pomello tree - At last I have located a flicks yellow pomello tree from Daley's. I live in the southern Highlands of NSW. I have only had the tree a month but it is already shooting. I planted in a Half wine barrel with a mixture of potting mix and cow manure. The cont..2536 days 24hrs
Pummelo - Still no luck with locating either pommelo seeds or fruit. Can anybody for the top end send some seeds from their fruit? I will pay postage...2616 days 2hrs
Pummelo - Thanks mike I will try a specialist fruit market to see if they are available. Might try to graft on to a dwarf greapefruit and see what happens. ..2649 days 1hrs
Pummelo - Thanks Mike for the information but you do not say where to obtain the seeds or Dwarf plants. It is hard to find in NSW but I plan to keep the plants mobile in wheeled half barrels so they are protected in the winter ..2677 days 4hrs
Pummelo - I am currently growing dwarf varieties of Washington orange, a Seville orange for marmalade, Grapefruit, mandarins, lemons and two varieties of apple. All are grown in Half wine barrels on wheels. I move them under cover in winter and surround them with h..2684 days 2hrs
Pummelo - Can anybody tell me where to get a pomelo tree in NSW. I would prefer a dwarf variety. If not are seeds available...2684 days 3hrs

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