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Frank2's Edible Backyard

Joined: 27/06/12 Updated: 27/06/12 Frost:
Location: Fairfield East

About My Edible Backyard

Why Frank2 Love's Edible Plants

They are very rewarding I feel that my life revolves around them, I think about fruit plants all day & night. I love them very much, big green healthy flowering fruiting trees mmm. If I find a new type of fruit that I can possibly be growning in my area/backyard I want it in there asap! I think about it while I am home, at work, play, pray, in bed, out of bed, asleep in a meeting always on my mind & always thinking of ways to better improve them, & on a look out for unique new fruit trees, I can't wait to get my own chunk of land & grow thousands of different types of fruit trees & just watch the beauties grow & flower such a beautiful site & the  feeling is amazing! They are very rewarding. My much loved Loquats is my best friend, she grew from seed which an uncle planted & gave to me which was only a few weeks old she is now about 7 years old, we grew up together, we went through the good & touch times & now she is flowering & fruiting gorgeous fruits & she's nice big & green. So lovely, I don't think I could live without fruit trees in my life, I can't see a point without them there. I love them for there green & beauty it just makes me feel so good to be with them & watching the growth, I am not a big fruit eater but I am a big fruit planter/gardener, also find it rewarding when others eat & enjoy the fruits. I plant some veggies here & there, what ever is in season at the moment I have the usual Broad beans & Peas. I recommend everyone to plant a fruit tree, if you are always stressed, have a tough time in life or not, it is very rewarding, you will love yourself for it, takes your mind off things & it is a great feeling/accomplishment when she flowers & fruits, I forget the world when I am in my garden. Most people are bored out of there mind once they are home for me it is the best place to be, better then any place that I could go to I can spend many hours & days there.                                 That's where I holiday every weekend when I am off work!



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Whole banana plants gone pitch black - Hi I have 2 Banana plants, I have 1 yellow & 1 red type, I started with 3 1 turned black & disappeard (rotted & died away) the 2 remaining 1 is completely gone black rot & the other yellow one is sort of falling over now has black in most areas & just can..4347 days 21hrs

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