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Recher1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/06/07 Updated: 21/06/07 Frost:
Location: dorroughby

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Recher1 Forum Contributions
Melicoccus bijugatus mamoncillo or spanish lime - kingaroy will be too cold for melicoccus. thet LOVE alkaline limestone soil. they thrive at key west with ph 8.2..3467 days 19hrs
Cedar tip moth - some toona and some cedrela are not attacked at all. cedrela odorata 'cigar box cedar' loves it here...grows several times faster w/o tip moth with comparable timber to ozzie redcedar. plant some in shade in if can as understory and compare tip moth..3467 days 19hrs
Cant find white pomegranate treeseeds in australia - i remain AMAZED at the perfoormance of Wonderful on the north coast. fruit reaches delicious maturity w/o cracking in spite of torrential rains...3474 days 20hrs
Abiu disease - my hunch: if it ain't bugs (spider mite etc) its winteritis. abius are tender...3551 days 19hrs
Jaboticaba4 - dorroughby is east and north of lismore and west and north of byron my main feeding program last few years centers on KN, meat bone meal, dolomite..3551 days 19hrs
Jaboticaba4 - there are two rollinia species running around australia they are generally mis-id'd what is known as deliciosa is too tropical what is usually called mucosa is the hardier one. i have them growing side by side and deliciosa struggles while mucos..3551 days 19hrs
Jaboticaba4 - i'm not hygienic enuf for wine make but i turn out a five star jabot liqueur shade does seem to influence fruiting downwards..3551 days 19hrs
Jaboticaba4 - speedy replies Oh yeah, they hate being in the shade of other trees, at least around Nthn.NSW. I 100% disagree. I am growing 78 jabots up to 30 years old full sun in early years seems to bleach the leaves. overall they look much nicer growi..3557 days 20hrs
Jaboticaba4 - jabots do love water makes critical difference to fruit size to induce early fruiting ringbark second half august any 3-4- year old limb provided tree is meter high jabots do well in constantly moist soil provided it is not stagnant rollinia i..3557 days 20hrs
Breadfruit tress - breadfruit is an ultra-tropical. it is even seasonal due to cool winters in hawaii noli is NOT a cultivar. at best it is a smuggled cultivar or a selection from root cutting / asexual considered superior. breadfruit has no seed so can not be seedlin..3674 days 21hrs
Pawpaw1 - hmmm..photos! ..4026 days 16hrs
Breadfruit tress - Wake Up to Yourself and face reality. Breadfruit Duku Durian Pulasan Mangosteen and a whole host of ultra tropicals (strictly lowland)CAN NOT grow here! Just like you can't grow almost all alpine plants...4027 days 11hrs
Pawpaw1 - if it ain't insectoid, then it might well be dried exudant of papain: white blob sounds like papain but rest hmmmm... cut the stem and watch what happens w thee exudant papain is an enzyme used in meat tenderizing. one scientific study confirmed..4027 days 11hrs
Unknown fruit - I'll put money on Randia fitzlanii..4030 days 12hrs
Indian almond tree - DEFINITELY NO NO NO..4030 days 12hrs

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