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Scott G's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: The Gold Coast

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Scott G Forum Contributions
Growing questions - I have a Malabar Chestnut here on the Gold Coast. They can only tollerate the lightest of frosts. That should be OK for Howard shouldn't it? They do like a bit of water. Mine is in a damp spot and it does well. I saw one doing very badly on a dry ri..4094 days 18hrs
Potted mandarin tree - You need to spray the new shoots a few times with a pest deterrent to keep the leaf miner to a minimum. I resorted to a spray with pyrethrum (yes I know it is poisonous). I have read that the oil in oily sprays turns to an acid in the sun. This is espe..4096 days 18hrs
Black sapote9 - WOW! I've never known that to happen. Photos please!!!!! Perhaps one of the tree to have it identified first...4110 days 20hrs
Tamarillos1 - My tamarillo is 2.5m tall and loaded with fruit. They are a very delicate plant and growing them lower and wider should be helpful against wind damage. It will also keep the fruit within reach. My plant branches 20cm above the ground then 50cm above th..4110 days 20hrs
Nectarine trees - The tree might be stressed due to lack of water. During he period when a tree is growing fruit it is an important to keep them well watered and happy. If the tree is under stress it will sacrafice its fruit in order to ensure its own survival...4112 days 10hrs

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