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Scott G's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/06/07 Updated: 21/06/07 Frost:
Location: The Gold Coast

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Scott G Forum Contributions
Growing questions - I have a Malabar Chestnut here on the Gold Coast. They can only tollerate the lightest of frosts. That should be OK for Howard shouldn't it? They do like a bit of water. Mine is in a damp spot and it does well. I saw one doing very badly on a dry ri..3849 days 7hrs
Potted mandarin tree - You need to spray the new shoots a few times with a pest deterrent to keep the leaf miner to a minimum. I resorted to a spray with pyrethrum (yes I know it is poisonous). I have read that the oil in oily sprays turns to an acid in the sun. This is espe..3851 days 8hrs
Black sapote9 - WOW! I've never known that to happen. Photos please!!!!! Perhaps one of the tree to have it identified first...3865 days 9hrs
Tamarillos1 - My tamarillo is 2.5m tall and loaded with fruit. They are a very delicate plant and growing them lower and wider should be helpful against wind damage. It will also keep the fruit within reach. My plant branches 20cm above the ground then 50cm above th..3865 days 9hrs
Nectarine trees - The tree might be stressed due to lack of water. During he period when a tree is growing fruit it is an important to keep them well watered and happy. If the tree is under stress it will sacrafice its fruit in order to ensure its own survival...3866 days 24hrs
Banana suckers - I remove the unwanted suckers from my banana plants the same way. Sometimes it isn't posible to sever them intact. The important thing is to get deep enough to remove the bud so new leaves cant grow. Removing the rhisome is important if it is growing..3873 days 5hrs
Banana suckers - Are you asking for an organic poison? I would recommend digging them up to ensure there are no roots left to shoot from. Or smother them with many layers of cardboard. Cutting them off will eventually kill the plant so you can keep that up for a while...3873 days 23hrs
Regarding rose apple - Rose apples recover well from heavy pruning and they are very dense. In the open they grow wider than tall. They are shaped a bit like 2/3 of a ball. I am not sure how they fruit following a heavy prune. Perhaps pruning them every second year would gi..3876 days 1hrs
Fruit fly control - Bazza: I think I read that blue is the most attractive colour to QLD fruit fly. Perhaps you could try blue tape or paint? Do you have a lot of fruit fly in your area normally?..3879 days 1hrs
Star apple - My tree is about 7 years old. I am not sure if it was grafted - but I suspect not. It is about 4m tall and was burnt by a freak frost over a year ago. It is yet to have a flower. I have read that frost damage can severly reduce yield. I have also rea..3881 days 21hrs
Fig trees4 - My garden has masses of fruit fly but they have never attacked my figs. I think you need to cover the tree with mosquito netting. That is how I keep them off evering else. See the thread topic in this forum called 'Fruit fly control'...3885 days 20hrs
Cape gooseberry - I too have the bugs on my odd plant that is self sown. The larvae carry a pile of their excrement on their backs. If you brush against them you get it all over you. I just didn't like the cape gooseberries enough either to do anything about them. The..3885 days 20hrs
Growing blueberries in queensland1 - Sorry I have no idea. The label only said Highbush Blueberry. I think I got it from Bunnings. The sunshine blues are 5 years old and about the same size they were when I got them(30cm tall). The other one that said Highbush has bigger leaves and i..3887 days 1hrs
Growing blueberries in queensland1 - I have a few Sunshine Blue plants. They are slow growing. My 'High Bush' variety does the best and has a lot of tastey berries at the moment. Blue berries need special acid potting mix so only use potting mix that says it is for 'Azalia's. They ar..3887 days 6hrs
Fig tree roots - Perhaps if you inform your neighbors of the damage their tree is causing they will take action to stop it in fear of being liable. Alternatively you are allowed to prune parts of neighbor’s plants that extend over the boundary fence into your yard, pro..3887 days 6hrs

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