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Rat3het's Edible Backyard

Joined: 24/06/07 Updated: 24/06/07 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Rat3het Forum Contributions
Citrus bugs - I have sprayed my lemon tree to kill the stink bugs with pyrethrum and have got rid of most of them I will continue till they have all gone the bugs fall to the ground , I have picked up most of them , but wonder if they have eggs inside that may h..1289 days 16hrs
Fruit fly control - I have just got a publication recommending a new fruit fly control by Yates It attracts the fly and then kills it went to the yates site for more info http://www.yates.com.au/Products/PestControl/InsectsConcentrates/NaturesWayFruitFlyControl.asp ..4178 days 23hrs
Fruit fly control - The last two years have been a total loss In 2004 we got a good crop of well flavoured fruit As I said I used naturelure this year and had a very minor success , after fairly consistant application . not worth the cost maybe too much contaminati..4181 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - I have been using eco-naturalure since flower drop . I have been putting it on a piece of plastic coated board about one metre square , which I first hung on the 6 foot galvabond fence directly behind the tree , about 1 metre away from the tree , then hun..4212 days 18hrs
Grafting an apple tree - I have a Ballarina (sp) apple tree , many years old Get a lot of flowers not much fruit I think I need an other tree but do not have the room I saw on a show last week how easy it can be to graft fruit trees Do I have a neighbour in Greystan..4341 days 18hrs
Growing figs in pots - I would like to plant a fig tree for fruit in a large pot in a full sun position I am in Sydney Does anybody have personal experience in growing figs this way Also how long will it take to bear , I intend to buy a Genoa fig from Daleys..4364 days 21hrs
Rusty lemons - My lemon has rusty marks just inside the skin The only insects I could see where stink bugs which I sprayed with confidor , actually one by one . Do i have citrus fruit fly and if so how to I get rid of them Rod..4374 days 14hrs

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