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Brian3's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: newcastle

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Brian3 Forum Contributions
Lemon tree bark being eaten - Hi again do you have wild hares or rabbits in your area, yes hares love the bark of fruit trees and again try nathalene flakes oe use neem oil when sprayed on makes insects and animals think its a nnem tree, totaly inedible to every known bug. and totALLY..4410 days 6hrs
Forum feedback - Hi I read of a gardener using naphthalene flakes ,just a few on a piece of tape over borer holes, seemed to kill them in a couple of days, then remove, I think some napthalene flakes in a stocking or similar, hanging from a stake nearby and off the ground..4410 days 6hrs
Fruit fly control - I recently read and ancient gasrden magazine where an old fellarecons that by putting bganana skins in the ground under fruit trees it will stop fruit fly strike, if im correct ,females lay their eggs in the ground and hatch out to meet the males so aybe..4417 days 9hrs
Grafting an apple tree - I used the method seen on vasilies garden I.E. cutting of branch with saw cutting from top down through centre holding open with screw driver and inserting triangle shaped cuttings into bark line but i wrape newspapers around graft, 50mil below slit and 5..4417 days 9hrs
Nut trees - Hi Kate and others, we have pecans and macs growing very well at a location near bungwahl lakes way, the ground is very wet almost boggy but very good crops, contact me for more info by email regards brian...4462 days 22hrs

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