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Natasha Compton's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Natasha Compton Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - you may think this sounds strange but i made a trap out of a 2 litter coke bottle and used urine as my bait and with out a word of a lie it is the best trap ever i change the urine every day and they also say that womans urine is better than mens try it y..4317 days 15hrs
Fruit fly control - i have an apricot tree that has fruit fly i have tried different traps the most succsesful one that i have found is the 2 litter bottle trap with womans urine in is the best in half a day i had 20 fruit fly in it by the next morning i have about 50 fly i..4319 days 21hrs
Fruit fly in apricot tree - thank you for your reply you may laugh but the urine trap has about 50 fruit fly in it now and not one in any of the other traps your idea of cutting the bad fruit in half is a great idea thanks again..4319 days 21hrs
Fruit fly in apricot tree - i just wanted to let you know that my urine trap is the only onr that worked in one day i have over 20 fruit fly in it. i used female urine as i was told its better than mens. is it to late to spray the tree i was also told to put detergant in the soil un..4320 days 22hrs
Fruit fly in apricot tree - i am renting a house that has a apricot tree my fruit is nearly ready but i have fruit fly is it to late to do anything about it or not i have pull any fruit i see that has signs of fly i have put two different types of traps up 1 is a coke bottle trap wi..4322 days 15hrs

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