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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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Joined: 10/01/08 Updated: 10/01/08 Frost:
Location: SB South Australia

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John10 Forum Contributions
Raspberries - Thats how strawberry's at home are being tuaght to grow. Use three pots one inside the othe but elevated so you have three platforms from which each level has plants. the fruit hangs over the sides and dont get dirtied. Then underneath a deep plate lik..4145 days 24hrs
Paw paws - Sorry Scott, that was to be Thanks,..4146 days 5hrs
Onions - They are still called pickling onoions and are still available. Usually towards the end of september in SA...4146 days 5hrs
Paw paws - Thats scott, all the i get i very important to me. i have a great fastinacion with wath i am growing...4146 days 5hrs
Paw paws - Thanks Dianna..4146 days 24hrs
Carambola1 - Hello shaun, the one thing I am quickly learning about star fruit is they need huge amounts of water daily to get them going and keep them going. unlike others these may require wet feet, and if your on sand like me. It carnt be done, with out changing..4148 days 7hrs
Black sapote problem - Sounds like these trees like wet feet, which i find unusual. We are in the middle of a heat wave, 10 days plus over 40oc...4148 days 11hrs
Black sapote problem - My tree is only 2 months old and has the same problem...4149 days 1hrs
Lemon trees1 - Useally happens with inconsistant watering. this is easer to happen when we have such a consistanly hot summer and extra water was needed to finish of the fruit...4149 days 1hrs
Choc pudding fruit - Choc pudding fruit, when they shoot new leaves and brances are they from the tips or they from the entire top growth and branches. Why do they go black or is this natural for this plant. Thanks..4149 days 6hrs
Paw paws - what time of the year do paws start to flower, then fruit. Do they require insects to propergate this. What insects do this. What temperature range do they like for this to happen...4149 days 6hrs
Dwarf avacado trees - If you use half wine barrels you can grow just about any type I believe. It would then become a matter of trimming it yearly and the way you fed it...4149 days 8hrs
Valencia orange - try some iron powder, an some trace elements...4149 days 8hrs
Plants - I find that it depends on how you water and fed the plant to when its starts fruiting. It comes down to having a huge tree or rather a runted small tree. I know I encourage my trees to grow and thr fruit will come in time in numbers size and quantity...4150 days 22hrs
What to grow - Sorry Jamie, I dont think you get enough chile factor for 90% of potable fruit trees. However, Daleys do sell tropical versions of peach, apples and so on. And these can grow in half wine barrels for a good ten years or so. Hay you could also try theref..4151 days 1hrs

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