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Joined: 13/01/08 Updated: 13/01/08 Frost:
Location: Dubbo

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

TJ Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Bunnings nets - I asked last time I was there and they said they might get some in Nov/Dec. The only downside so far with the Bunnings nets is that the band of plastic type stuff at the bottom seems to breakdown after the 1st season, but the net and zi..3491 days 1hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi Charles, The net on the website you referred to looks interesting, but also a bit on the pricey side. Hi David, With the Bunnings Umbrella net - did you keep the top gathered a little with the cord to fit a 1m square of fly screen, or did you..3581 days 2hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi, Cover your peach tree after it has finished flowering and the fruit has started to form, whilst they are little hard and green. Seems to work here - then don't have to worry about polinating etc as bees have easy access. Also nets last longer the..3678 days 11hrs
Fruit fly control - Tomatoes and capsicums etc are self pollinating and don't need bees etc. A bit of breeze or wind is enough to ensure pollination when grown under the nets. Given the absolutely massive amount of tomatoes we've got - I wouldn't worry about it if you are..3751 days 10hrs
Fruit fly control - Julie, see my earlier entries on 9, 20, 26 January re frame/support. Essentially star posts and poly pipe. Hope that helps...3769 days 14hrs
Fruit fly control - The trees would be approximately 2.4-2.5m or so tall. Basically I pruned them off at about 2.2m (as far as I can reach), so add spring summer growth to that. The trees are basically touching the sides of the nets in places. I will prune harder this year a..3804 days 14hrs
Fruit fly control - Picture of nets described above for your info...3810 days 10hrs
Fruit fly control - Bunnings sell Umbrella and Gazebo Nets for keeping mozzies out. Are designed to pop over 2.1m to 2.7m diameter umbrella or 3m x 3m gazebo, so have a hole in the top which you need to cover. I bought an extra umbrella one, cut it up and stictched to the to..3821 days 4hrs
Fruit fly control - The big question - has anyone found any other sources for netting at a reasonable cost? Nofliesnets.com can supply a 1.8m wide x50m roll for $5 per m. Spotlight have 213cm wide for $3.50(if I remember correctly). Just purchased some lace type curtain f..3857 days 2hrs
Fruit fly control - Baz2 and GVV With regard to heating and bending the conduit - I was thinking more along the line of heating it yourself and then bending it to shape if you wanted to make a more rigid frame. I wasn't suggesting it would bend in the heat of the sun. A..3859 days 10hrs
Fruit fly control - Baz2 - Can I ask what went wrong when trying to use the 1" poly (was it the metric poly with the blue stripe on it?). Was it too flexible? Note: Conduit will bend if heated - our electrician had to do this recently in our reno...3868 days 10hrs
Fruit fly control - PS www.flemings.com.au have a good pdf re pruning you can download...3871 days 11hrs
Fruit fly control - I have just emailed the contact listed above and found her website at http://www.mostique.com.au - it details phone numbers etc. Must say I absolutely love this forum. This is my first season with netted trees (amateur attempt I might add) and picked o..3871 days 11hrs
Fruit fly control - Thanks for info on solarising - confirmed my thoughts that might be damaging to the trees. Have been trying to pick up any fruit in previous seasons and drowning them. How long do they survive in the ground for as this is only our 3rd season here? Was..3920 days 12hrs
Fruit fly control - Big W have an actually mozzie net ready to hang from a hook on ceiling above a bed. Just bought one for $10. Hoping will cover one tree. If not will cut up and use the netting of it. Think the quantity of netting in it would be cheaper than buying off the..3936 days 9hrs

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