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Koentadi Joseph's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Manag, East Java

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Koentadi Joseph Forum Contributions
Dragon fruit - Dear All, I am coming back with more images for yr info. few days after I took these pictures I harvest more and more fruits and this will last years..That's why I used concrete poles because bamboo or even wooden stick don't last long. As you see I..5568 days 21hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi all, I fixed 100 concrete post for 400 plant (in 4 sides) of Dragon fruits attached on it. First harvest last Dec. I got more than 1 tons of ripe fruits. I'll give you more images of my Supper Red Dragon fruit from my home town in Donomulyo, Mala..5603 days 21hrs
Dragon fruit - No worries John, we have some Sirzak trees, and if not enough we can have them free from neihgbours. If you are keen to travel to nearby mountains we can challange mount Kembar at 3100meter, where we can enjoy real hot spa coming from sulphur pot holes a..5947 days 14hrs
Dragon fruit - By the way, Dragon fruits grow very well here in Donomulyo. The land is very fertile. We only have to treat them with organic compoust from the cows. They grow fast, free from morning frost. They obtain a lot of sunlight, even during rainy season. Mark..5949 days 20hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi John, Iam from Donomulyo, peaceful fertile village, south of Malang. How nice to have humble friends that can share eco adventure that is totally different than most Westerner have in their daily live. Just drop by anytime the door is open for you and..5949 days 20hrs

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