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Scott5's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Adelaide (SA)

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Scott5 Forum Contributions
Veggie garden - Hi Jade and Julie We planted right away using seedlings not seeds. The Organic Soil is a pre mix from my landscaper which is a mix of Loam, Mushroom compost, cow manure and some gypsum. Since my original post we have pulled the dead veggies out and..4226 days 20hrs
Veggie garden - Hi everyone, I have a problem with my veggie garden that I hope you can help me with. A few months ago I built two redwood raised veggie patch. It is 2000mmX1000mmX400mm. I filled it with layers starting from the bottom with newspaper then organic s..4235 days 1hrs
Veggie garden - Hi HP, I have just finished building my raised garden beds out of New redwood sleepers. They are 2000x200x75 and cost me $25 each. Donít know about your area but every landscaping supplier has them in Adelaide. connected them with long, fat coach sc..4360 days 20hrs
Veggie garden - This site has been great. We have built our new home and tried to make it as eco friendly as our budget would allow when it comes to hooking rain water to the house and gardin and various other things. We also have two compost bins and at the moment and..4422 days 17hrs

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