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John20's Edible Backyard

Joined: 25/06/08 Updated: 25/06/08 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

John20 Forum Contributions
Avocado tree1 - full sun, well watered, cant tell you til it fruits...3718 days 13hrs
Apple trees8 - At least Austrealia is fireblight free until the NZ apple imports start !..3718 days 14hrs
Dwarf macadamia tree questions - Daleys sold it to me...yay ! 1 year with me, no idea how long at Daleys. has very pale leaves, almost white but I am too scared to fertilise. Just use seasol and a little manure...3719 days 10hrs
Grafted mandarin2 - huh?..3719 days 13hrs
Grafted mandarin3 - huh?..3719 days 13hrs
Quince trees - Need cross pollination, drops off as not fertilised...3719 days 14hrs
Shipping syndicate of plants to perthwa - www.tass1trees.com.au/..3719 days 14hrs
Sunflower seeds - They need pollination and rutherglen bugs can suck the seeds dry when they are very little...3719 days 14hrs
Dwarf macadamia tree questions - Mine has stayed about 18" tall for nearly a year, so i would think it's not gonna get real big. No nuts yet...3719 days 14hrs
Shipping syndicate of plants to perthwa - Shaun Raspberries not looking good after the heat wave, might have to try again when cooler. J..3720 days 11hrs
Apple trees8 - www.kuffelcreek.com has lotsa info about hot climate apple growing...3720 days 14hrs
Fruit trees18 - No apples to WA, the trees are very small and over priced. They arrive pretty well dead via the post and have to be nursed back to life...3721 days 10hrs
Groovy german mini trees - Ok, have sent it. 412 is actually $12. J..3721 days 14hrs
Preparation for fig - They grow wild in Perth's gutless sand, so i would not worry about it other than some aged cow manure to help it get going...3721 days 14hrs
Potting mandarin silverhill - Yates flog a 50 litre pot in either square or round, thats what i use. Check out their website for details, its the tuscan style one...3721 days 14hrs

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