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Joined: 16/08/08 Updated: 16/08/08 Frost:
Location: Maaryborough Q\\\'ld

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

GVV Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Julie Don't spray your trees as the fruit is never as nice as ones not sprayed. It is twelve months since I posted anything on this forum but once again I advise that the only 100% guaranteed way to keep fruit fly off ones fruit is netting. All other..3212 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - To those who enquired about the netting we have imported from China we thank you for your interest in possibly purchasing some. Unfortunately due to high costs in Australia - freight handling, freight forwarding, transport, GST, these costs have made the..3546 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Correy We (my wife and I)are still negotiating the deal with the netting an am waiting for a sample from the agent. At this stage we are not sure what the price will be but once we know I will put it on the forum. There are70 fruit trees from 6 mon..3616 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Last year I bought mozzie netting in a roll 250m long x 4m wide and it served the purpose of keeping the FF from our fruit. Angelina has now declined to supply the netting so I will be importing some rolls500m long x 6m wide. This netting is not made of..3617 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - David The netting is squqare (the last roll I bought was 4 meters X 150 meters) and the frames are round hence there is a little overlap depending on how one places the net. Where we have overlap we use pegs to hold the net in place. We currently us..3845 days 21hrs
Fruit fly control - Penny Go back up to 20 November and see the note from Angelina - she is the one who I purchased my netting from. Cheers GVV..3851 days 4hrs
Fruit fly control - TJ Just go down to your local electrical wholesaler and ask him the cost per length. You are in Dubbo and I am in Maryborough Qld so I am sure there would be a difference in prices between here and Dubbo $ per meter for a 1.8 meter roll is expensive. I..3853 days 13hrs
Fruit fly control - TJ I do not heat my frames as when I beend them over the tree and slip them over the reinforcing steel I have in the ground, the 'spring' in the conduit keeps it firmly down over the conduit. My frames are up to 2m high using the small conduit bent..3856 days 2hrs
Fruit fly control - Baz You are right. When our trees get larger we will purchase slightly larger conduit so as the frame remains rigid. However we will try and keep my trees small as then they are much easier to handle. If we want more fruit, we just plant another tree...3866 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - TJ From what you say above, the 1" pipe you used with the blue stripe on it is for underground water and no good for leaving out in the sun. Sounds like the pipe I use for underground water lines. I use the grey electrical conduit and it is fine. I..3866 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Baz 2 Large conduit is no good if one wants to bend it over like I have done - look at the pictures on 3.11.08 above. I use the grey electrical conduit as it has the properties to protect it against the Qld sun although it is a little more expensive..3867 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - Baz I am back in India working and wont be back home til 20 Dec. I have her phone number at homeand usually call her. She sent me an email advising that because of the drastic drop in the AUD exchange rate she is not buying in China and is waiting u..3871 days 1hrs
Fruit fly control - Paula I have only been in the fruit growing act for 4 years now and am no expert but as you can see I seem to be doing things right. As I have said earlier to get the best from fruit trees one must be prepared to invest in them with water, fertilizer a..3871 days 23hrs
Fruit fly control - Baz 2 If you keep your trees small you may not get as many fruits but they are much easier to handle, easier to pick fruit. Also smaller tree's fruit is much bigger and tastier. My manderines are now in their third year, the trees are small and they a..3875 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - John Look back to 3 Nov and I have sent in a photo of a netted tree. GVV..3875 days 4hrs

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