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Baz 2's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/11/08 Updated: 14/11/08 Frost:
Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Baz 2 Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Can scan in labels off the ones I bought to show you if that helps That would be great TJ, as the Bunnings down here doesn't stock them. I was going to do a run to Perth but if I can order by a code, that would be great...3784 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Thanks for the photo TJ. Looks great. I think you would like the conduit frame extra ridgidity but with slightly more height you might run out of net??? I am curious as to your height and length/width spacing of the frame posts. If you could supply..3809 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Thanks TJ. I will check it out...3818 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Got a price John and some dimensions for that cloth? It is for Mossies and not birds I presume...3838 days 5hrs
Fruit fly control - Those are the prices I got as well TJ. I'm waiting to hear back from Angelina from Mostiques for her pricing... Anyone else... ..3855 days 2hrs
Fruit fly control - Ahh TJ, I got it wrong. Yep it would make it more rigid, but the hoop design GVV uses seems to work and is the most cost effective I can think of. Bloody easy to put together too. I bought half the conduit (20mm) I require and I will go up in size ne..3858 days 9hrs
Fruit fly control - No TJ it had no blue strip. 1" ID (I Think...). Its the Reticulation black poly pipe that people use for gardens and pop up sprinklers. Yes it was way too flexible. There is no way this conduit will lose its shape from being in the sun. Electrician..3867 days 7hrs
Fruit fly control - No GVV, Mine bent over just fine. Its not reticulation PVC which is rigid. I used 2 lengths (4M) together to form one hoop (They slip together). A little bit bigger than your 6M hoops. Got the grey stuff too. I made 2 frames yesterday and they are fi..3868 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Just to let people know... I tried to make the Net Framework out of 1" thick wall poly pipe (retic). Was about $1 metre, but it was no good. The shop said most people use 2" poly as it will slip over a star picket. I thought I would bite the bul..3868 days 14hrs
Fruit fly control - GVV I have tried to source some mosquito netting from 'Mystique Mozzie nets' and tried her email address angelina@mostique.com.au. but can't find it on the web and have had no reply from email. Can anybody recommend somewhere else? I am ideally..3871 days 13hrs
Fruit fly control - Wow! Ok they look great. I only want to provide fruit for my family and maybe parents if there is enough. I'm not sure what size crop I'll get but looking at yours it looks plenty. Thanks for the photo's. I'll have to search the forum for pruni..3875 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi all, I'm new here and this looks like a good place to get some tested advice. I planted last year Nectarines (May Grand & WC Fripp) Plum (Narabeen & Santa Rosa) Apricot (Divinity & Bulinda) Mulberry (Black English) Orange (Washington) Passionf..3876 days 2hrs

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