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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

Aneh's Edible Backyard

Joined: 31/01/09 Updated: 31/01/09 Frost:
Location: perth

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Aneh Forum Contributions
The best potting mixsoil mixes for large - i go to some riverbeds where i have found some rich soils mixed with a little clay, mix with peat moss and vermiculite, some slow release fertilising chemicals and topped with some animal excrement and bobs your uncle...3726 days 21hrs
Dragon fruit - i dont want to call your number incase you have already got the cuttings you needed joyce but i would be delighted to swap some dragonfruit cuttings for babaco cuttings. if you are still interested that is. i have both white and red fleshed variety...3726 days 21hrs
Grafting4 - I have started experementing with grafting lately, so far i have had success grafting mango, and i have just grafted kaffir lime, lemonade and blood orange onto a bush lemon the only thing is the scions i had available were only 5-6mm in diameter, not sur..3727 days 20hrs
What is this plant3 - thankyou all it looks exactly like your rollinia trikus..3732 days 2hrs
What is this plant3 - does anybody have some pictures they could post of sweetsops, or rollinia..3739 days 18hrs
Persimmon - i have seen them in wandilla nursery...3740 days 6hrs
Ant problem1 - have u tried lorsban insecticide..3747 days 6hrs
What is this plant3 - Does anyone who has a sweetsop know if this looks similar...3749 days 22hrs
What is this plant3 - Theres a good chance that is what it is too Janita, ..3749 days 22hrs
Miracle fruit berry synsepalum - any one have any idea what time of the year these fruit?..3750 days 22hrs
Turmeric - Try lucky market or one of the many asian shops in china town northbridge, or the asian shop next to coles in lockridge off beechboro rd. i grew mine from a root from there..3750 days 22hrs
What is this plant3 - Hi again all. I bought this today hoping it might be a sweetsop or sugar apple, anonna squamosa. Am i correct or am i mistaken? if im mistaken what is this? the bloke in the nursery wasnt sure. thanks very much...3751 days 20hrs
Rambutan - Im not sure if this has been ask before, but A: can rambutan be grown in perth or australia for that matter?, B: if so where can the plants be found?..3769 days 3hrs
Pawpaw and papaya - haha thats gold denise..3793 days 24hrs
Kaffir lime2 - Hi Yvette i used to buy mine frozen from lucky imports in chinatown in perth, i have bought a fruiting tree from blooming nursery in joondalup if thats any help..3795 days 7hrs

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