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Joined: 10/02/09 Updated: 10/02/09 Frost:
Location: Toowoomba

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

MR Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Tupp, We live near toowoomba, and have found the only sure way is netting the tree after fruit has set. The female fruit fly seemingly has to eat protein for about a week before mating, so if any hatch out of the ground under the net, they cannot immediat..2682 days 21hrs
Fruit fly control - Norma, we have 100% success with Bunnings Gazebo net. But we do have it reaching the ground. And in case there are any f/flies trapped inside, or any hatch later, we hang a male fruit fly bait inside the net. I realise you sent your email months ago, b..2916 days 20hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi Norma, The Wild May bait attracts the male, hang it somewhere away from the Eco naturlure female bait. Also, put the female eco naturlure protein bait under the net to get any emerging fly that were missed. The fly needs to eat protein for a week b..3146 days 20hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi, Kisp. I am very pleased with the zip up Gazebo and umbrella nets from Bunnings if you can still get any. Buy an extra umbrella net to cut into quarters to make tops for four gazebo nets. All Bunnings stores don't seem to have them at present. I d..3154 days 21hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi, StopFruitFly, If you live in Melbourne why are you bothered about using exclusion bags? We are in Queensland, so they are a real problem. In my 'reply' on 24th Oct I mentioned our problem using exclusion bags. You also can't see when the fruit..3490 days 24hrs
What is potash and tell me why - Hi, Elf, Seems you need it to actually get Fruit !! A friend of ours in another area planted passionfruit the same time as we did last October (08). He got loads of fruit, we got one. "Potassium - it's a lack of patassium" he said. Sulphate of Pot..3517 days 23hrs
Fruit fly control - Last year I found the possums or parrots tore the paper bags open, and also the "non woven" bags. This year we have netted our peach tree with the pergola net from bunnings, and the nectarine tree, which is on a trellis, partly with shade cloth (on the..3532 days 20hrs
Fruit fly control - We bought one each of these nets, umbrella and gazebo, the "tops" shown in the picture on the packs are not actually part of the net, so there is no opaque top. We haven't used them yet of course, not fruit time. But will try one on our peach tree..3740 days 2hrs
Fruit fly control - The ones we saw were around $18 and $24, shelf price, but maybe the one we actually looked at was a dearer one, it certaily appe3ared to have a blocked in black top. Now that I know that yours didn't, we will ask next time we are in. Yes, your instr..3781 days 5hrs
Fruit fly control - Thanks Julie. It wasn't so much the mosquito met, but the top of the canopy that seemed to be 100% blocked. In Queensland the sum is more overhead, but would get early morning and late afternoon sun I guess. We'll give it a try on the peach tree and..3786 days 5hrs
Fruit fly control - TJ, had a look at Gazebo an umbrella nets today at Bunnings. They were packaged up of course, but seem to have an opaque top as far as I could tell. I can't tell with your photos if that is so, or if the top is still mosquito mesh. The fruit trees..3788 days 20hrs

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