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Honlou's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Bendigo ,VIC

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Honlou Forum Contributions
Best green sapote variety - thanks for the great tip Speedy about the hay bales.. We are in Strathfieldsaye about 5 min from the town centre in a low lying area near a creek it is a new development about 7 yrs old not much established tree canopy around so 5 yrs ago i started putti..4808 days 20hrs
Best green sapote variety - love the idea about the straw bales Speedy ,what a great idea !!! we are in Strathfieldsaye (Bendigo)a new area with not much established canopy tree growth, about 5min out of the town centre we are in a bit of a gully not far from a creek so plenty of..4808 days 20hrs
Best green sapote variety - Thanks David will note your feeding programme. Do you love the taste of this variety (shneider)do you reccommend this one highly ,or is it worth looking for a more fruitful one? how big is it eventually going to get? Daleys have a (grey) variety but don..4811 days 14hrs
Best green sapote variety - Hi Jantina, just by planting the two varities in the one hole they are supporting and protecting each other also in the most protected nth facing position I had. Move mulch away from plants in winter as it works in reverse in winter, actually keeps roots..4811 days 15hrs
Best green sapote variety - thanks for that info Speedy was down to Reinecke Commercial ,Chris ,Pike or goldern globe with the white Sapote. And Sawo Manila for the Sapodilla? still looking for the beter tasting Green Sapote?Might even try an Abiu.. love a challenge. thanks agai..4812 days 0hrs

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