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Benson's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Bondi

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Benson Forum Contributions
Black sapote edge of leaves going black - Thanks for feedback. It's been quite hot, and I live near the coast - sandy soil will have a lot of salt. So could be either of those. What PH do they like?..4250 days 0hrs
Cherimoya leaves looking crook - Pls. help: Recently planted (1 mth) Cherimoya seedling seems to be suffering in new environment. Full sun, well drained, drip irrigation, but not well protected and semi-exposed recently to very powerful southerly. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, ..4252 days 0hrs
Black sapote edge of leaves going black - New seedling - recently transplanted (1 mth) in well drained soil, 500m from coast, lots of sun, on drip irrigation system - leaves (especially new growth) turning black on edges and dying. NB: We had very strong southerlies recently. Any suggestions f..4252 days 0hrs
Blueberries sydney - Thanks Ellen. Great to hear, I wasn't sure how they'd grow here. Will likely order some from Daley's. Cheers, Ronde..5527 days 13hrs
Blueberries sydney - Any advice on growing blueberries in Sydney? Can anyone advise which varieties grow best here and how a beginner like myself should start out. With thanks ..5572 days 11hrs

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