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Ronald1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Brisbane

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Ronald1 Forum Contributions
Paw paw - Hi Amanda thank you for your question, I have been working with patients, for decades, in this research I have found enzyme therapy very successful in the overall treatment for "C" Also, it is important to take enzymes on an empty stomach. A stack of re..5255 days 9hrs
Paw paw - Hi Jan Happy New Year: Paw Paw Leaves and Stems,have been used to help with cancer patients. It is a Proteolytic Enzyme, thus cleaves to protein and helps disolve it Patients have used this in conlunction with other minerals and vitamins, go to www.chr..5272 days 8hrs
Paw paw - kurt try chinese schu woo for hair restoration obviously your endocrin system is breaking down u may need an infusion of female paw paw tea...5356 days 18hrs
Paw paw - Very funny Steve and Kert, if you find a seedling, and it has two roots it is female,one root is male. Don't even think of asking me about Bisexual trees. interested in your health my book comes ut next year. Meantime go to Natural Therapies page on web..5356 days 19hrs
Paw paw - amanda the pawpaw leaf and stem if you drink it as a tea ids a very good proteolytic enzyme, if you use the stem of a pineapple that creats bromelan another enzyme to fight cancer I also use pomegranite..5409 days 21hrs

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