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Irene4's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: melbourne

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Irene4 Forum Contributions
Kaffir lime2 - With kaffir lime, it's the leaves that are primarily used in cuisine like Thai and Indonesian. The fruit is rather small and bumpy and very little juice - you'd need about a 100 to get anything out of them. I suppose you could use the rind if you wish b..3332 days 3hrs
Kaffir lime2 - Hi, autumn is here as I write this. I got 3 citrus trees - lemon, tahitian lime and kaffir lime purchase from daley's, growing in large pots and doing well. I would like to know that if it's necessary to cover them during winter or if they are frost-sen..3340 days 1hrs
Kaffir lime changing leaves - I think there's no hope for the kaffir, despite diligent watering during the dry season. I've already cut off the branches. Anyhow, I've already received a new tree and hopefully this will do better...4057 days 22hrs
Kaffir lime changing leaves - I live in Melbourne too. My kaffir came from Diaco's Nursery in Heatherton I think. Here's a picture of what's left of it :-( I did everything I thought was right, like fertilizing it with citrus food and regular but not too frequent watering. My husb..4064 days 2hrs
Kaffir lime changing leaves - Exactly what do you mean when the rootstock has taken over, as I think that is what happened to the kaffir lime tree I had before, or so Don Burke the garden expert told me. When I first purchased the tree five years ago, it grew vigorously and produced l..4070 days 20hrs

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