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Ann's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Ann Forum Contributions
Lychee tree - Hi Jason We planted it approximately 1986 but cannot remember what it was called but do know it was an Indian variety. I believe the Ag Department here in Perth tried to grow them without success. Perhaps we were lucky. I know we protected it well w..4266 days 10hrs
Lychee tree - Hi Amanda, We live in the foothills of Perth and do not have brown staining from the bore water. Our block was once part of a citrus orchard and has sandy soil. Mainly I give it a feed of sheep poo twice a year. In the summer it gets some overhead wa..4266 days 11hrs
Lychee tree - Hi Cuong As you can see our lychee tree is in full blossum. Unfortunately we did not realise it would spread so much so it had to be cut back to allow for mowing the lawn. Also my husband removed the lower branches to enable us to get up inside. The t..4266 days 15hrs
Lychee tree - Hi Cuong. As you can see our tree is in full blossum. We did not realise the tree would spread so much so unfortunately it has been trimmed back to enable the lawn to be mowed. Also my husband has cut away the lower branches. It would be about 4 - 5 m..4266 days 15hrs
Lychee tree - We have a 24 year old tree which has a bumper crop every second year and very little if any in the other year. With water restrictions during a dry winter here in Perth our tree has not been watered and I am surprised to find our tree full of blossom fol..4290 days 5hrs

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