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Steve's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: RED ROCK

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Steve Forum Contributions
Pouteria lucuma - I'm interested in growing Lucuma. I have a Peruvian friend traveling here in a few weeks. Does anyone know if seeds can legally be bought into Aust? I assume they would have to undergo strict quarantine requirements. ..2069 days 19hrs
Grass roots invading my orange tree - You'll never completely stop running grasses invading gardens or mulched areas under trees etc. Physically removing them might be okay for small areas, otherwise you need herbicides, ie glysophate. I have 50 fruit trees, all heavily mulched & only need t..4294 days 21hrs
Onion weed - I tried digging out onion weed & only succeded in generating more plants. I found wiping some leaves with straight glysophate, using a small paint brush was 100% successful. I'd hate to have 5ac of this horrible weed...4294 days 22hrs
Calamondin fruits falling off - It looks more like an insect attack - could be Citrus Katydid, Spined Citrus Bug, Fruitspotting Bug etc. Some bugs piece the skin & can produce these marks, while others eat the outer skin, but don't damage the fruit inside...4417 days 18hrs
Hickson mardarin - Have you been fertilising the plant? All citrus are heavy feeders & enjoy fertiliser three or fours times a year. The yellow leaves are a sign showing a lack of something in the soil/pot, ie iron, zinc or magnesium. How long since you repoted the plant..4418 days 8hrs

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